Steve Howe Trio

(From Steve Howe's site)

"Travelling" is the Steve Howe Trio's next release, which will be available from HoweSound on or near March 1. The album consists of live performances recorded in the UK and Canada.

1. Blue Bash
2. Dream River
3. Travelin'
4. The Haunted Melody
5. Tune Up
6. Siberian Khatru
7. Mood for a Day
8. He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother
9. Momenta
10. Kenny's Sound
11. Laughing with Larry
12. Close to the Edge

Highly Recommended!

Ps: I'll watch Asia and ELP in London on July 24-25 (High Voltage Festival) :) I hope Steve's Trio also plays a London gig by this week, as his schedule doesn't seem busy then. Anyone willing to have a beer after the festival (lol), just add a comment