Yes in South America - Updated tour dates

At Yes World we read:
November 10, 2010 - Yes will be touring South America over the coming weeks. All final dates are now on the Tour page.

17 WED Caracas, Venezuela - Sambil
19 FRI Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luna Park
21 SUN Rosario, Argentina - Teatro Broadway
23 TUES Cordoba, Argentina - Superdomo Orfeo
25 THURS Santiago, Chile - Teatro Caopolican
27 SAT Florianópolis, Brazil - Floripa Music Hall
28 SUN São Paulo, Brazil - HSBC Hall
1 WED Asuncion, Paraguay - Teatro BCP
3 FRI Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro Gran Rex
4 SAT Mendoza, Argentina - Auditorio Angel Bustelo

Current line-up (in case someone still doesn't know) of Yes is: Chris Squire (bass), Steve Howe (guitars), Alan White (drums), Oliver Wakeman (keyboards), Benoit David (vocal)


Yes in South America - November 2010

Yes is going to quickly tour South America this month. There are shows already booked in:
Venezuela (17/11)
Argentina (Benos Aires 19/11, Rosário 21/11, Córdoba 23/11)
Chile (25/11)

Brasil (São Paulo 28/11)

Yes fans from South America haven't seen the band since 1999 so I'm sure they're going to have a great time!
PS: Before/After the tour the band is supposed to be working on a new album. So only good news today :)
PS2: My sources were the sites of the respective venues.
Only yesterday, 06/11/2010, (11 days before the first show!) the tour was mentioned on Yes World (the official site) and they even say new dates may be added!
I've never seen a tour in my life that was so carelessly organized as this.

November 10 update: two more shows, in Brazil (Florianópolis, 27/11) and another in Buenos Aires (3/12)