Rare video on Youtube!

You probably know Youtube can surprise us now and then... So today a friend sent me this link to a video of Yes at about 1970, with Bruford on drums and Kaye on keys, playing live in what seems an instrumental part of I See You, Then, or Yours is no disgrace... or none of them!
But I'm amazed at this short video, as almost all video footage of Yes pre-Yessongs is on playback and here they're playing live and wild.

At Youtube they say Howe is on the guitar, but I have my doubts. Do you think it's Howe or Banks? Please write a comment with your reasons.

PS: Another rarity I've recently seen on Youtube is another video of young Bill Bruford, this time with King Crimson playing Starless. Red (the last album of KC in the 70s) had no tour, but Starless was played in the band's tours from 1974, with different lyrics, with fiddle and without sax. Stunning video: