1994 - Philadelphia

Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, PA, USA
August 26, 1994
Finally we have a show from the Talk tour here. I admit I have never cared much about their last album with Rabin, but when I listened to this show I really understood why so many people say The Endless Dream is an overlooked masterpiece.
And they don't play just this song from Talk, actually 6 of the album's 7 songs are played in this concert, showing the band really thought this material was indeed valuable (compare, for example, with the two new songs they played o
n Open Your Eyes tour).
So Endless Dream was a big surprise to me, I hope it is for you all as well. And Rabin's piano solo also exceeds expectations.

Setlist :

Intro-Perpetual Change
The Calling
I Am Waiting
Rhythm Of Love
Real Love
Heart Of The Sunrise
Make It Easy
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Rabin Piano Solo
And You And I
Where Will You Be?
I've Seen All Good People
Endless Dream
Purple Haze

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From left to right: Billy Sherwood, Alan, Trevor, Jon, Chris. Poor Tony Kaye was left behind, as usual.


1998 - Poland

March 27, 1998
Katowice, Poland

Taken from the blog T.U.B.E. (The ultimate bootleg experience, which by the way was recently deleted by google but they quickly created a T.U.B.E. 2) where you read the text:
This is a complete show radio broadcast from the Open Your Eyes tour.
Like the Warsaw show, this one also featured the Jon & Igor performance
of Polonaise. There are a few blips throughout, and the beginning
of Open Your Eyes” is missing

In the show from the night before, Jon commented the song he recorded with Vangelis in the album Private Collection) this way:
I had a dream 16 years ago, I did. And I, I wrote this song with a friend of mine. Because, uh.. Gdansk, Solidarity, they changed the world, really, changed the world. So I'll sing this song.

01 - Firebird suite-Siberian khatru (10:17)
02 - Rhythm of love (6:40)
03 - America (10:22)
04 - Open your eyes (5:02)
05 - And you and I (12:14)
06 - Heart of the sunrise (11:27)
07 - Mood for a day-Diary of a man who vanished-Clap (10:24)
08 - From the balcony (4:39)
09 - Wonderous stories (4:24)
10 - Polonaise (4:39)
11 - Long distance runaround (4:09)
12 - Whitefish (10:37)
13 - Owner of a lonely heart (6:13)
14 - The revealing science of God (20:58)
15 - I've seen all good people (8:49)
16 - Roundabout (9:03)
17 - Starship trooper (13:45)

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1977 - Paris (Last show from tour)

Paris, France, December 6, 1977

The last concert promoting Going for the one, this is also one of the better audience tapes of that great tour that had no soundboard record. Synthesizer patches and guitar effects are awesomely clear, while the bass makes your head tremble. Listen to And You And I, for example, Rick's moog has rarely sounded so full in  a live record.

Disc One:
01. Opening
02. Parallels
03. I've Seen Good People
04. Close to the Edge
05. Wonderous Stories
06. Colors of the Rainbow
07 Turn of the Century
08. The Tour Song
09. And You And I
10. Cosmic Mind (Jam)

Disc Two:
01. Prelude Awaken
02. Awaken
03. Roundabout
04. Nous Sommes du Soliel
05. Starship Trooper

December 5, 1977:
06. Nous Sommes du Soliel
07. Yours is no Disgrace
08. Roundabout

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1997 - Revealing Science of San Diego

December 9th, 1997 - Open Your Eyes Tour
San Diego, CA, USA

This is a stereo soundboard recording taken from a radio braodcast. About half of the show was broadcast, I don't have an idea about why they chose these songs, but it's a reasonably representative set (though I'd like to hear America, Fish, Starship Trooper etc).

It's almost a commonplace among Yes fans that Steve Howe plays Rabin-era songs like he doesn't care, but I disagree. Rhythm of love and Owner of a Lonely Heart aren't the best songs ever, but Steve is doing his best and both songs are pretty listenable. More than Open Your Eyes (the song), I should say.

Revealing Science of God and Heart of the Sunrise are the only long ones here, both faultless.

From the Balcony is another highlight, a nice simple tune. Though the crowd used this song to find the bathrooms, as one reviewer from Forgotten Yesterdays said.

1.Rhythm Of Love
2.Open Your Eyes
3.Heart Of The Sunrise
4.From The Balcony
5.Children Of Light
6.Long Distance Runaround
7.Owner Of A Lonely Heart
8.Revealing Science Of God
9.I've Seen All Good People

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Rare old video - Time and a word!

It seems a new DVD will be released with rare footage from very early Yes, some of it never seen before.

The first video on Youtube is surprising for the good quality of image. They're doing playback but you see they're enjoying!
Two other surprises:
-I didn't think Chris Squire had ever been so skinny!
-Has Bill ever done backing vocals or was he just having fun knowing it was playback?