1980 – Live in Boston

09/09/1980 – Boston Garden, MA, USA

In 1980 Yes did their only album without Jon Anderson. Many people hate this album and many people love it. Both with good reasons.
After Drama, Yes went to tour with this line-up. First, in North America, they found an enthusiastic and receptitive audience. Later, in Europe, they would often find audiences that hated the concerts and screamed they wanted to see the real Yes, with Jon and Rick. Incidentally, Yes would even meet a provisory end due to this.
But this show is from the beginning of North-American tour. The band was playing for just two weeks, and eager to show their new music to the audience. Boston is particularly known for its loud audience, and surely it encouraged the band to put up a better show.
About the show. Trevor Horn did a great job on Drama, in my opinion, singing well and doing things Jon wouldn't do. But he definitely wasn't the right person to sing Jon's songs live. It's so clear here. Yours is no disgrace, the first old song they perform, is rather pathetic. Some other songs, like Parallels and Roundabout, are ok with his vocals, but nothing fantastic.
Highlights are the Drama songs, particularly Machine Messiah and Tempus Fugit, with powerful and tight renditions, close to the studio ones. Another great moment is Chris's solo, featuring the religious song Amazing Grace. He takes all the feeling he can from his Rickenbacker.
Take a look also on the new songs, We Can Fly From Here and Go Through This.

Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
Does It Really Happen?
Yours Is No Disgrace
Into The Lens
And You And I
Go Through This
Man In The White Car Suite
We Can Fly From Here
Tempus Fugit
Amazing Grace/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Machine Messiah
Starship Trooper

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Rick Wakeman – Live at State Kremlin Palace 2001

This is a bootleg recorded in Moscou, Russia, with very good sound quality and a great performance by Rick. Highlights are Catherine Parr, with more than 10 minutes and mind-boggling moog solos, and Eleanor Rigby, a good version to The Beatles' song.

Jane Seymour (from The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
Music Reincarnate (from No Earthly Connection)
Chatherine Parr (from The Six Wives of Henry VIII)
Buried Alive (from Return to the Centre of the Earth)
Eleanor Rigby (from Tribute to The Beatles)

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Jon Anderson – Live in São Paulo 2004

Complete recording of a solo concert by Jon, with tha acoustic approach that is common in his solo shows. A long set-list, with several interesting versions to Yes songs.

Harmony Will Bring You
Long Distance Runaround
Bring On The Day
Yours Is No Disgrace
Don't Think Twice
State Of Independence
O'er (Boundaires)
Your Move
This Is (Buddah Song)
Sweet Dreams
Set Sail Communication (Piano Song)
The Revealing Science Of God
Old Song - Nous Sommes Du Soleil
Show Me
I'll Find My Way Home
And You And I
White Buffalo
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Italian Song
(bonus) Long Distance Runaround
(bonus) State Of Independence
(bonus) Roundabout
(bonus) With A Little Help From My Friends

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1971 - Live at New Haven

24 July 1971 New Haven, CT Yale Bowl

This is the register of an outstanding show by Yes, the last one from their first American tour. Keyboardist was Tony Kaye (actually he would leave the band some weeks after), and the set list has just four songs, all from The Yes Album:

1-Yours Is No Disgrace

2-Clap/ Classical Gas

3-I've Seen All Good People

4-Perpetual Change

They played so few songs because this was a double concert, they followed Museo Rosenbach. But what a great selection. The whole band plays perfectly, and highlights are many. Lots of Yes fans adore this bootleg, see a quotation from the site http://members.cox.net/teakbois/

This might be the greatest performance ever by Yes. This show got a lot of critical acclaim, which did wonders for the band. There are many different recordings of this one circulating. I consider this to be the holy grail of Yes concert recordings. Legend has it that a guy just plugged into the soundboard and no one complained. You got to just love the intensity during “Yours Is No Disgrace” and “Perpetual Change”. This is Yes at their absolute best!

Recommended for anyone who likes The Yes Album. Actually, anyone who likes Yes

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Steve Howe - Mothballs

Before joining Yes, Steve Howe had actuated in several bands, creating a great reputation in the underground scene from the late 60s. This is a compilation that shows us his work in these bands, and also as a session player.
This is an important album for those who are interested in how Steve developed his style, and for lovers of the psychedelic music that was so common in the 60s. I must warn you that this compilation has many trivial pop songs that will not change your life. Don't expect a masterpiece!

1. Maybellene - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

2. True to Me - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

3. Howlin' for My Baby - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

4. What to Do - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

5. Leave My Kitten Alone - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

6. Don't Know What to Do - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

7. On the Horizon - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

8. Stop Wait a Minute - Steve Howe, In Crowd

9. You're on Your Own - Steve Howe, In Crowd

10. Why Must They Criticise - Steve Howe, In Crowd

11. I Don't Mind - Steve Howe, In Crowd

12. Finger Poppin' - Steve Howe, In Crowd

13. So Bad - Steve Howe

14. You Never Can Stay in One Place - Steve Howe

15. Real Life Permanent Dream - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

16. Am I Glad to See You - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

17. Blow Up - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

18. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

19. Revolution - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

20. My White Bicycle - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

21. Kid Was a Killer - Steve Howe, Keith West

22. Come Over Stranger - Steve Howe

23. Beyond Winter - Bodast, Steve Howe

24. Nothing to Cry For - Bodast, Steve Howe

25. Nether Street - Bodast, Steve Howe

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I have always felt that Yes fans did not use the potential of the internet as well as they could. There are several blogs about Rush, Pink Floyd, etc, but about Yes I had never seen one. So I decided to create this one. My intention is to share different Yes-related stuff, but especially live performancees of the band that were recorded by fans and never released commercially (a.k.a. bootlegs). Anyway, the blog is under construction and I accept all kinds of suggestions.
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