Yes - Fly From Here (2011)

Yes is soon releasing new album!! Let's hope it's as nice as Roger Dean's cover :)

22 Jun (Japan), 1 Jul (Europe), 12 Jul (US)

Chris Squire: bass
Steve Howe: guitars
Alan White: drums
Benoît David: lead vocals
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Trevor Horn: producer

side A:
1. Fly From Here - Overture (1:54)
2. Fly From Here Pt I - We Can Fly (6:01)
3. Fly From Here Pt II - Sad Night at the Airfield (6:42)
4. Fly From Here Pt III - Madman at the Screens (5:17)
5. Fly From Here Pt IV - Bumpy Ride (2:15)
6. Fly From Here Pt V - We Can Fly Reprise (1:49)

side B:
7. The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be (5:18)
8. Life on a Film Set (5:12)
9. Hour of Need (3:08)
10. Solitaire (3:30)
11. Into the Storm (6:54)

"Fly from Here" is based on the 1980 Buggles/Yes song "We Can Fly from Here". At 23:58 in total length, this is the longest studio recording Yes have ever released. "Solitaire" is an acoustic solo piece by Howe. Material mostly written by Squire/Howe/Horn, with contributions from the others. Squire described the writing as "very collaborative".

source: http://www.bondegezou.co.uk/wnyesm.htm