Yes in South America - Updated tour dates

At Yes World we read:
November 10, 2010 - Yes will be touring South America over the coming weeks. All final dates are now on the Tour page.

17 WED Caracas, Venezuela - Sambil
19 FRI Buenos Aires, Argentina - Luna Park
21 SUN Rosario, Argentina - Teatro Broadway
23 TUES Cordoba, Argentina - Superdomo Orfeo
25 THURS Santiago, Chile - Teatro Caopolican
27 SAT Florianópolis, Brazil - Floripa Music Hall
28 SUN São Paulo, Brazil - HSBC Hall
1 WED Asuncion, Paraguay - Teatro BCP
3 FRI Buenos Aires, Argentina - Teatro Gran Rex
4 SAT Mendoza, Argentina - Auditorio Angel Bustelo

Current line-up (in case someone still doesn't know) of Yes is: Chris Squire (bass), Steve Howe (guitars), Alan White (drums), Oliver Wakeman (keyboards), Benoit David (vocal)


Yes in South America - November 2010

Yes is going to quickly tour South America this month. There are shows already booked in:
Venezuela (17/11)
Argentina (Benos Aires 19/11, Rosário 21/11, Córdoba 23/11)
Chile (25/11)

Brasil (São Paulo 28/11)

Yes fans from South America haven't seen the band since 1999 so I'm sure they're going to have a great time!
PS: Before/After the tour the band is supposed to be working on a new album. So only good news today :)
PS2: My sources were the sites of the respective venues.
Only yesterday, 06/11/2010, (11 days before the first show!) the tour was mentioned on Yes World (the official site) and they even say new dates may be added!
I've never seen a tour in my life that was so carelessly organized as this.

November 10 update: two more shows, in Brazil (Florianópolis, 27/11) and another in Buenos Aires (3/12)


Rare video on Youtube!

You probably know Youtube can surprise us now and then... So today a friend sent me this link to a video of Yes at about 1970, with Bruford on drums and Kaye on keys, playing live in what seems an instrumental part of I See You, Then, or Yours is no disgrace... or none of them!
But I'm amazed at this short video, as almost all video footage of Yes pre-Yessongs is on playback and here they're playing live and wild.

At Youtube they say Howe is on the guitar, but I have my doubts. Do you think it's Howe or Banks? Please write a comment with your reasons.

PS: Another rarity I've recently seen on Youtube is another video of young Bill Bruford, this time with King Crimson playing Starless. Red (the last album of KC in the 70s) had no tour, but Starless was played in the band's tours from 1974, with different lyrics, with fiddle and without sax. Stunning video:


Other Bootleg Blogs

This blog will be on a summer break for a month, while I'll be in UK to (among other things) watch ELP :)

So I leave you with some of the new blogs of bootlegs I found recently, and also some older ones that keep posting tons of boots of prog-rock, classic rock, jazz, heavy metal, there's music to all tastes! They're all on the right, named under "Other blogs you should check"

Anti Leech is a new blog with Flac archives of rock and jazz, including pretty rare stuff.

Progboot is specialized in Camel and Marillion, if you want something from these bands don't go anywhere else.

Soundaboard has old (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix) and new (Faith no More, White Stripes) rock

The Ultimate Bootleg Experience (TUBE) is always being closed and reopening with a different number, now number 3 closed and they're back to 2 and keep posting several bootlegs a day.

These are some tips, but all the blogs on the list are recommended!



2001 - Here Comes The Sun

Peter, who watched the concert, can say better than me:

[Here Comes The Sun] was a short tribute to the late, great George Harrison. A nice touch, I thought. Jon sang it (well) to light accompaniment from Steve. They didn't play any silly games with it (as, for example, with America), just a straight version.

2001-12-1, Brighton, two days after Harrison's death

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Steve Howe Trio

(From Steve Howe's site)

"Travelling" is the Steve Howe Trio's next release, which will be available from HoweSound on or near March 1. The album consists of live performances recorded in the UK and Canada.

1. Blue Bash
2. Dream River
3. Travelin'
4. The Haunted Melody
5. Tune Up
6. Siberian Khatru
7. Mood for a Day
8. He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother
9. Momenta
10. Kenny's Sound
11. Laughing with Larry
12. Close to the Edge

Highly Recommended!

Ps: I'll watch Asia and ELP in London on July 24-25 (High Voltage Festival) :) I hope Steve's Trio also plays a London gig by this week, as his schedule doesn't seem busy then. Anyone willing to have a beer after the festival (lol), just add a comment


2010 - Jon Anderson and Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Watching these videos I wouldn't think Jon's health is that bad as some may say.
It seems this show from May 24 2010 will eventually be realeased on DVD.
I wonder who wrote the orchestral arrangement, as it's surprisingly good.


2008 - Atlanta

2008-12-07 - The Tabernacle, Atlanta GA USA

Excepts from the show

1. Astral Traveller
2. J's Theme
3. Intersection Blues

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Guitar Songbook - The Best of

Now something different. A book with sheet music for the following songs:

I've seen all good people
Long Distance Runaround
And You and I
Wonderous Stories
Don't Kill the Whale
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Leave It

Arranged by Doug Freuler

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