Reuploaded: 1976 - Roosevelt Stadium (Definitive Edition)

June 17, 1976
Roosevelt Stadium
Jersey City, New Jersey

This is one of Yes most famous bootlegs, and several different versions float around, with different names: Open the Gates, The Story of Relayer Live, etc. It's a radio broadcast, so you can expect the best sound quality amongst all 75/76 shows. This version here is by far the best one. Remastered by Tooleman, a great fan of Yes, it really has a stunning sound.
Yes had their biggest venues in this tour from 1976, and Roosevelt Stadium was one of their best moments. Luckily, this concert was broadcast by a radio station.
Some songs that didn't work well with Moraz were droped from this tour's set list: And You And I and Close to the Edge most notably.
The whole show is a great listening experience, but my favourite parts are the most epic version of The Gates of Delirium; Long Distance Runaround, in its new and beautiful acoustic arrangement, that floated to the solos of Patrick, Steve and Jon.
Roundabout is another killer. The song begins with a great intro with Alan White shining. Later, Steve Howe uses a Relayer-like guitar, and Moraz organ solo is awesome, maintaining the original lines by Rick, but with Patrick's unique jazzy style.
Oh, and check out their cover for I'm Down, by The Beatles! They really rock on this one! Jon reminds me of both Robert Plant and Ian Gillan in this upbeat tune.

Part 1:
Apocalypse Intro
Siberian Khatru
Sound Chaser
I've Seen All Good People
The Gates of Delirium

Part 2:
Long Distance Runaround
Patrick Moraz Solo
Steve Howe - Clap
Jon Anderson - Olias Solo
Heart of the Sunrise
DJ Chatter #1
DJ Chatter #2
I'm Down
DJ Outro