2007 - Fragile & Steve Howe

Live at Tilburg (2007-10-30)

Howe has been collaborating again with Yes tribute band Fragile. He was with them for Oct 2007 dates in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium on their 10th anniversary tour. Jon's voice is hard to match, but musically this is a great act. My favourite here is the medley "A Venture-South Side of the Sky", as A Venture was never played live by Yes.

Fragile opened with a set (including "The Revealing Science of God"), followed by a solo acoustic set from Howe, and then a joint set. The joint set included "A Venture", "South Side of the Sky" and "Gates of Delirium" (end section and into "Soon").

01 - Intro and opening firebird
02 - Perpetual change
03 - Revealing science of god
04 - Owner of a lonely heart
05 - Close to the edge
06 - Introduction to Steve howe

Steve Howe
07 - Howe solo - Second Initial
08 - Howe solo - In The Course Of The Day
09 - Howe solo - Intersection Blues
10 - Howe solo - Masquerade
11 - Howe solo - Ram
12 - Howe solo - Clap
(change the names of the songs, they are all named simply "Howe solo")

Steve Howe and Fragile
13 - Siberian Khatru
14 - A Venture - South side of the sky
15 - Soon solo
16 - Starship Trooper
17 - Roundabout

(partially quoted from http://www.bondegezou.demon.co.uk/wnsh.htm )

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Martini said...




Merlinus said...

Absolutamente brilhante!!!!

Anonymous said...

going back to my youth as a yes fan i do recall something along the lines of when howe first joined the band but before the yes album came out that they used to do a track live call adventurers which was basically a venure in a different arrangement and included a section where both howe and squire played bass...obvoiusly ive never seen it listed or heard it but i did used to have a photo taken by a fan at this period of howe playing a bass on stage.....
other memories i recall was a first album period track called number 21 bus written by anderson and chris squire (about yes album period) saying he was putting together a concert and album with fifty bass players (greg lake, john wetton, jack bruce were the names i recall as being involved) called bass odessey,,,,ring any bells anyone?
mick d

Martini said...

What I see on ForgottenYesterdays (the site is currently offline but there's this archived version: http://web.archive.org/web/20070825040653/forgottenyesterdays.com/index.asp) is that "Bass Odyssey" was played at least 3 times, in the very first shows with Howe. No "Adventures" or similar name is mentioned.
Chris Welch's book "Close to the Edge, the story of Yes" doesn't mention Adventures either, and doesn't say A Venture was based on a previous song. But it quotes a review that says: "Chris and Steve took part on a phenomenal battle of the bass guitars in what Chris called 'A Bass Odyssey' sowing how the rock bass can become an exciting lead instrument."

But here: http://www.m-ideas.com/sullivan/Yesgigs.html
we have exactly what you said... What I think is that the band played a bass piece and gave different names to it.

Anyway, I'd love to see that photo of Steve and Chris with two basses!

Engomado said...

muy interesante esta banda tributo, y sobre todo con la participacion de Howe. La estoy bajando para luego escucharla....gracias