1984 - Milano

This show was uploaded by the friend Tadreamer62.
It's an audience recording with very good sound. See the original notes:
It was strange to see one of the dinosaurs of the 70's to play and acting like a typical
80's band, in the vain of Spandau Ballet or Tears for Fears! But the music was sooo good and the audience was looking
forward to see them after a 10 years absence from italian territory.

I remember hearing people describing the time they had
seen the band more than 10 years before in Milano, with PFM opening. The sound of the hall was quite good, despite the fact
this sports hall was not really designed for music events. Eventually, it was shut down and then destroyed one year later,
when a big snow in winter resulted in collapsing the venue's roof. This version comes from a direct copy from the master
I had in the early 90's from the taper himself, I big german guy who used to go around Europe and tape many shows with his
Sony Pro (thanks Robert L.!). It sounds amazing if you consider it's almost 23 years ago. I reduced a little bit basses
and enhanced trebles to sound it more clear, balanced the volume of the two channels and eliminated tape flips.
It's a very good sounding show, a real improvement from the master.

01 Intro / Cinema
02 Leave It
03 Yours Is No Disgrace
04 Alan White drums solo /
05 Hold On
06 Hearts
07 I've Seen All Good People
08 Si (Tony Kaye solo)
09 Solley's Beard
10 Changes
11 And You And I
12 Soon
13 Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart
It Can Happen
Long Distance Runaround/
16 Whitefish/Amazing Grace
17 City Of Love
18 Starship Trooper
19 Roundabout
20 Applause / Outro music

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Martini said...


Anonymous said...

Thx, but extracting doesn´t work this time.

Anonymous said...

is a video???
i down load but
i dont know how see
o working

(osea no puedo ver nada q mas hay q hacer para ver el archivo??)

Anonymous said...

All files are packed with 7zip (www.7-zip.org/), splitted in 4 archives.
You must download all files and then extract file zip.001 - finished.

Professhah said...

Martini - Jabo - HELP!

Can you post up copy of Yes '84 Dortmund, Germany show? Or, just the encore "I'm Down" with Jimmy Page??

That would be fantastic!

Martini said...

I am also in search of that show...
When I find it, or someone sends me, I'll post it here for sure!

Blackdeath said...

Good tape and well done fixing.....
I'm pretty sure I've heard this before, but there has been a decent enough improvement......

Anonymous said...

thks, i only could open the files of the first archive, is giving me errors for the other archives, pls help
thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!!! A great show. I wish Yes had released more Stuff from the Rabin live Area. Is there a excellent sounding FM show from this tour? Uhh i wished I could have seen them.

Anonymous said...

hello Martini & jabo!! have i said "thank you" in a while?? if not- TOTAL THANKS!!! you see, ive been a YES fan since birth, and im now 38. you see, my parents were/are still YES fans from the beginning.my dad was in Scotland when "time & a word" came out & has been a fan ever since(i STILL have his original UK cassette copy of that LP from when he was in the navy)if only i could get them to see the "forgotten Yesterdays" site & place their memories there...as long as i was a child, there was ALWAYS YesMusic playing in our home. my parents would always go to YES concerts whenever they would tour to the closest cities in the area...wow!! i grew up listening to YES records my parents would constantly play, but i still LOVE THIS BAND!! i dont care too much for the studio records,though. yeah, theyre OK. but this band LIVE is INCREDIBLE!!! ive tracked down a handful of vinyl bootlegs over the years & i still have all of the FM broadcast tapes my dad recorded over the years. i cant thank you enough for posting these live shows on your blog!! thru this blog & over at T.U.B.E. (and also some other sites), ive gotten about 50 different live YES shows that totaly occupy my CD player. this bands live stuff is INCREDIBLE & i cant thank you enough for sharing these gigs with the world...when i finally figure out how to send files thru whatever hosting site, ill get that Philadelphia JFK stadium 1976 show i mention in some other comment section a few months ago. the quality is pretty rough, but its a legendary show & i think you need to hear it someday..

once again...THANK YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, looking forward to hearing the Philadelphia JFK stadium 1976 show!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful show, thanks so much again !
Front cover...
Back cover...
Keep spreading the word Yes...

tadreamer62 said...

PM to martini:
Hi, on dime I got a great Jon Anderson Solo show (London SHB Oct 10 2005), which is worth for sharing here as a comagnion to all the other great posts.
It's the complete show (all infos are in a .txt file), the flacs were converted in mp3 320.
Best regards

chewy said...

have any of u seen the Issablle Huppert movie SINCERELY, CHARLOTTE from 1985 or so...well this one scene when shes walking up the stairs in this house- on the wall theres a GIANT european 90125 poster, and if im not mistaken its advertising the Milan show.....

Anonymous said...

Tx a lot,
I found a blog whith some concerts if you are interested go to:

Dianthe said...

Interesting to know.

Stefano said...

Hi everyone. I was there that day in Milano, at the 90125 tour Yes concert. I've been looking so long for this recording; but the link posted above do not work at all. Please anyone can help, thank you. :)