2008 - Circa

CIRCA is a progressive rock supergroup founded by four musicians associated with Yes: current Yes member Alan White (drums), former Yes members Tony Kaye (Hammond, keyboards) and Billy Sherwood (bass, vocals), and guitarist Jimmy Haun, who played on the album Union. (from wikipedia)

After releasing an album in 2007, Circa hit
the road with their tour, where the first half is the whole album, and second half was a superb Yes instrumental medley of 39 minutes, including a track from almost every Yes album, including several songs that haven't been played for ages (Looking Around, Something's Coming, Parallels, Tempus Fugit, Lightning Strikes, etc)

In addition to the players listed above, Billy Sh
erwood's brother Michael Sherwood was playing keys, vocoder and backing vocals. (bringing the question: was Kaye in a good moment or was Michael playing most parts?) Jimmy Haun, a guitarist who says Steve Howe was his main influence, is a good surprise. Alan White is brilliant in the songs originally played by Bruford.

From this show -
Rosfest, Glenside, PA, US May 3, 2008 - I uploaded just the Yes medley. If there's interest and I can, I'll upload the rest.
You can know more about Circa on their long interview to Notes from the Edge. (part 1 and part 2)

Now the medley:
Looking Around; The Prophet; Every Little Thing; Harold Land; No Opportunity Necessary, no Experience Needed; Something's Coming; Yours is No Disgrace; Heart of the Sunrise; South Side of the Sky; Roundabout; Close to the Edge; And you and I; Ritual; Sound Chaser; Parallels; Arriving UFO; On the Silent Wings of Freedom; Tempus Fugit; Changes; Owner of a Lonely Heart; Cinema; Rhythm of Love; Lift Me Up; Endless Dream; Loveshine; Mind Drive; Open Your Eyes; Lightning Strikes.
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please, link the complete show.
no se mucho ingles pero este grupo es una pasada y seria interesante conseguir el concierto completo.
gracias de antemano.

Unknown said...

Thanks, and I for one would really like to hear more of Circa, if they turn out to be worth it...if so, I will be looking to purchase song releases.

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Hey, buddy!
Please upload the entire show. This would be a real treat for us.

Thanks again and keep sharing this most beautiful Yes music!


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Thanks and please upload the rest!

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I'll post it next weekend.

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This is a fantastic site. Many thanks, there's some excellent rarities here.
CIRCA: are fantastic.

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PLEASE PLEASE!!! Upload the rest of the show! Thanks a lot for the amazing Yes medly!

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Thank you

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excelente...muchas gracias