Jon Anderson - 1980

Jon Anderson
Royal Albert Hall
December 1, 1980
Source: Radio Broadcast

In late 1979 Jon Anderson left Yes for a solo career. He recorded the album Song of Seven and subsequently embarked on an extensive tour in support of the album with a large band that went under the name The New Life Band. The Sheffield Concert was a gig from The Song of Seven Tour in the UK 1980. The nine piece line-up provides a generous set list including a number of key Yes songs, a medley with his work in collaboration with Vangelis, as well as most songs from Jon's solo album Song of Seven.
Very different from his music with Yes, most songs from Song of Seven are short and simple. The exception is the long progressive piece homonimous to the album, which is its pièce-de-resistance, especially for Yes fans.

1) Intro (1:46)
2) Yes Medley (25:03)
To Be Over 
Perpetual Change 
The Prophet 
Long Distance Runaround 
Wonderous Stories 
I've Seen All Good People (Pt 1)
Revealing Science Of God 
I've Seen All Good People (Pt 2) 
The Remembering (High The Memory) 
Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)

3) Some Are Born (4:06)
4) Don't Forget (Nostalgia) (3:17) 
5) Petrushka (8:57)   (composed by Stravinsky)
6) Far Away In Baagad / Bird Song / One More Time (13:41)  (originally appeared on the album Short Stories, by Jon and Vangelis)
7) Hear It (2:43) 
8) Take Your Time (3:36) 
9) Song Of Seven (10:50)

On the official release "Live in Sheffield" recorded 2 days later, the following are credited as musicians:

- Barry DeSouza / drums
- Jo Partridge / guitars
- Ronnie Leahy / keyboards
- John Giblin / bass
- Morris Pert / drums, percussion
- Christopher Rainbow / vocals 
- Dick Morrisay / saxophone

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Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to hearing this after you've posted the linx!

I was at the show in Sheffield, and have a few memories of that, prompted by the recent CD issue and my original tape from Radio Hallam.

Heather @ Raw & Real Retail said...

ummmm Link is on WHAT comments?

MusicBringer said...

Sorry cannot see the link

Martini said...


Sorry about the delay...

MusicBringer said...

That's better.
Thank you.
It was worth the wait, although the sound quality is a little rough in places.

Heather @ Raw & Real Retail said...

Thanks for the link :) A question...why is it so hard for you "professional" blogger types to actually *tag* the files you offer to your public? It looks very messy and like you just don't care, sharing albums with track names like "Track 1", "Track 2", etc. If you don't know the program, seriously look into Tag & Rename or mp3tag. It goes a long way in helping your blog fans process and sort through the music you provide them. :)

ramasandiran said...

Hi wonderful blog...may someone of you kindly upload the Cinema sessions? I can't find them anywhere: Thank you in advance.

Martini said...

Flowerjewel, thanks for the tip, though I'm by no means a "professional" blogger type;)

My iTunes recognized the names of the songs, so I forgot other softwares won't recognize them.
Anyway, to avoid confusion, I attached in the zip file a text file with the names.

Anonymous said...


You can find the Cinema Sessions here :


which will point you to the Rapidshare direct link :

Enjoy !

ramasandiran said...

Thank you very much, Anonymous...great!!!

Anonymous said...

tags or no tags-thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absolute thank you, I've been looking for Jon Anderson's boots for ever and I still do. The man is pure magic on Earth...

Anonymous said...

Seriously.....that tour was a pile of shit. Anderson got found out by playing sub standard versions of yes classics even the tribute bands sounded better

Jim said...

That tour was the exact opposite of what the guy before me said!

The Yes Medley is phenomenal in itself!!