Bruford - Beelzebub (1979)

Bill Bruford - drums
Dave Stewart - keyboards
Jeff Berlin - bass
Alan Holdsworth - guitar

The tune is a real mover, and it’s definitely Yes-like in its structure since it’s made up of a few different time signatures and a wonderfully busy progressive tempo. "Beelzebub" starts and halts suddenly, then shifts from frantic to smooth and soft to hard in an instant, illustrating Bruford’s rhythmic control and musical imagination. There’s plenty of energy spawned by Bruford’s use of the cymbals as well, and the transition from a busy state to a relaxed one works its way effortlessly through the other instruments, which do their bit at handing the track its jazzy surface.

Coming soon: a bootleg from a complete show of Bruford's self-titled band in 1980.


Anonymous said...

slight correction: that's Allan Holdsworth on guitar.

Anonymous said...

definitely Holdsworth on guitar in this--i have the dvd.
John Clark didn't join Bruford's band til 1980, this is from 1979--but take a look--clearly Holdsworth! -dandor