Reuploaded: 2001 – Sacred Ground

Vancouver, Canada, August 2, 2001

The Magnification tour was the first one in which Yes performed with an orchestra. This brought some new colour to old songs and made them play some old songs they hadn't played for a long time.
This bootleg is from the beginning of the tour. It's from three months before the show in Amsterdam which was recorded and became the DVD Symphonic Live. So the set list was slightly different. They didn't play Magnification or Owner of a Lonely Heart, but played Perpetual Change and Wonderous Stories. The orchestra left the stage during these two songs, but they were great anyway, with a tight band, improvising a little.
The tour was beginning, and at some moments it's clear they're not so familiar with some songs. Howe has a clear error in Ritual, which he transforms in a great short improvisation. 

I was very pleased to hear Steve playing Solar Winds, from his good instrumental album Natural Timbre.

Audio quality is very good at most times, with all instruments loud and clear. But at a few moments the tape probably had some problem, so there are short cuts on And You And I and Perpetual Change.

Set list:

Disc 1
Close to the Edge
Long Distance Runaround
Don't Go
In The Presence Of
The Gates of Delirium

Disc 2
Solar Winds
Mood for a Day
Wonderous Stories
Perpetual Change
And You And I
I've Seen All Good People

Disc 3
Starship Trooper

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Martini said...

Part one
Part two
Part three

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Very intersting to hear Perpetual Change in particular.

Peter Hammill said...

Thank you......my friend!!!

Your posts make my day!!!!

"Life Gets Sweeter Everyday!!!"

Peter Hammill - SP - Brazil

jomo said...

yes, they didn´t play Perpetual Change on the European leg when I saw them, so I´m very much looking forward to hearing this.