1994 - New York (first show of the tour)

June 18, 1994
Binghamton, NY
Soundboard (taken from T.U.B.E , once more)

Another show from the Talk tour, this one was the first. So you notice lack of rehearsal, for example in And You And I, when Jon had two false starts.
On the other hand, you listen to some more songs from Rabin era (City of Love and Cinema).

Frank, from Forgotten Yesterdays, recollects some chat he had with Yes members after the show:
Alan comes out and doesn't give us a second (or first) glance. So...then we began to beg. "Tony! Please!" He came over. Whew. As he signed a few things, I asked a few questions, gave a few compliments. "Tony, how come Trevor played all those keyboard parts. Surely, you could've handled them." The reply: "Well... we've decided to show Trevor off this time around. Well...he decided."

"It looked like you were working hard out there, Tony. You were sweating more than all of them!" The reply: "Actually, I was closer to the lights." (:

Next victim. Trevor walks over as Tony leaves. "Hey Trevor, I didn't know you played keyboards so well." Reply: "Well it's the first time I've played them ever...on stage."

01 - Intro/Perpetual Change
02 - The Calling
03 - I Am Waiting
04 - Rhythm Of Love
05 - Hearts
06 - Real Love
07 - Changes
08 - Heart Of The Sunrise
09 - Cinema
10 - City Of Love/Make It Easy
11 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
12 - Where Will You Be?
13 - Rabin Piano Solo/ And You And I
14 - I've Seen All Good People
15 - Walls
16 - Endless Dream
17 - Roundabout

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