2010 - Jon Anderson and Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Watching these videos I wouldn't think Jon's health is that bad as some may say.
It seems this show from May 24 2010 will eventually be realeased on DVD.
I wonder who wrote the orchestral arrangement, as it's surprisingly good.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video, thanks for uploading.

Anonymous said...

Estoy encantado de ver de nuevo en activo a Jon...y en tan buena forma.Gracias por el video.

I´m so glad to see Jon singing again. Thanks for the video

wolflarsen said...

Cool, thanks a lot, I have waited for this.

pasetllgirl20 said...

I played in this. I can't remember who arranged the music but it was great. He seemed fine when he was performing with us, I didn't notice that he had health problems. He just seemed to have the normal things that people of that age would have.

Lincoln said...

My blog entry from the night of the concert (http://lincolnincleveland.blogspot.com/2010/05/contemporary-youth-orchestra-state-of.html) includes the credited arranger for each piece on the program at the bottom of the post.

The concert also debuted on HDNet (television) last night so it will probably be entering broadcast circulation and I imagine DVD sales will follow.


Angelstorm said...

Can you tell me if a DVD is coming out of the wonderful concert you all did with Jon Anderson..
Many thanks Gillian