Yes in South America - November 2010

Yes is going to quickly tour South America this month. There are shows already booked in:
Venezuela (17/11)
Argentina (Benos Aires 19/11, Rosário 21/11, Córdoba 23/11)
Chile (25/11)

Brasil (São Paulo 28/11)

Yes fans from South America haven't seen the band since 1999 so I'm sure they're going to have a great time!
PS: Before/After the tour the band is supposed to be working on a new album. So only good news today :)
PS2: My sources were the sites of the respective venues.
Only yesterday, 06/11/2010, (11 days before the first show!) the tour was mentioned on Yes World (the official site) and they even say new dates may be added!
I've never seen a tour in my life that was so carelessly organized as this.

November 10 update: two more shows, in Brazil (Florianópolis, 27/11) and another in Buenos Aires (3/12)


Anonymous said...

Is this the real band, or the tribute band?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that? What's your source?

Anonymous said...

This NOW the REAL band.

Anonymous said...

But still no Jon, no?

Anonymous said...

This is the tribute band. No Jon... no YES.