1978 - Live at Cleveland (Richfield)

1978-09-19 Cleveland (Richfield) Ohio USA
(Radio Soundboard)

Hearing this bootleg and the one from Wembley, I'm convinced that the Tormato tour was the best one in Yes history... set list is perfect (perhaps just too many Tormato songs, but they're short), and the Medley is unbeliavable! Long Distance faster, Fish with all the band playing awesome, quoting Survival and The Ancient, Perpetual Change very dynamic and Soon giving a beautiful end...
In this particular show, the best ones are On the Silent Wings of Freedom, in a slightly shorter and better version, and Starship Trooper, with a great job by Rick, with some new and good solos in the Disillusion part. Wurm is not as long as it was in 1977.
Take a look at the beutiful way how Madrigal moves into Clap. This is one of the very few times Madrigal was played live.

Disc 1
1 Close Encounters / Siberian Khatru
2 Heart Of The Sunrise
3 Future Times / Rejoice
4 Circus Of Heaven
5 Time And A Word / Long Distance Runaround / The Fish / The Ancient / Survival / Perpetual Change / Soon
6 Don't Kill The Whale
7 Madrigal / The Clap

Disc 2
1 Starship Trooper
2 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
3 The Six Wives Of Henry The 8th
4 Awaken
5 I've Seen All Good People
6 Roundabout

Ps: Geoff Dunn, on Forgotten Yesterdays, says: In the Medley, as "The Gates of Delirium" goes into "Soon", Jon Anderson misses his cue! The rest of the band cover the faux pas extremely professionally and Jon comes in on the next bar. Most in the audience probably didn't even notice the mistake!

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Martini said...


save them on a notepad, otherwise you might forget to download all of them...

Anonymous said...

I have been a YES collector since 1972.

Do you have any Yesoteric sources?
If you have, would you like to upload?

And one question.
Why rapidshare.com you use?
It is so hard to download.

Thank you.

Martini said...

What is Yesoteric? I don't know what you mean by that... I may have or not.

I don't like Rapidshare, either. The thing is: my computer is not good enough for me to do constant uploads, so here I post some uploads of mine and some of my Brazilian friends. And, sadly, some of them prefer to upload in rapidshare, as it's faster.

Anyway, I recommend you to save the links in your computer, put on your desktop, so you'll se them as you start the computer and you'll remember to download now that you are able to again.
Hope you can.

So tell me what's Yesoteric, ok?

Martini said...

Ok, I googled it. I have already posted here the Roosevelt 76 show (Open the Gates), in a complete version (hearing a couple of songs from each show is not my cup of tea).
I have also Roanoke76, Milwaukee76 and NY71, the three appearing with some songs here:

Are you interested in any?

Anonymous said...

Tormato tour was a very good one indeed. You might want to put up one of the ABWH concerts. And there's a very interesting recording of the recent Steve Howe Trio in concert floating around out there. (What he does with Mood for a Day has to be heard to be believed.)

Anonymous said...

Great show!! Thank you. Do you have anymore high quality shows from the Drama era? I could never get Boston '80 to download.

Thanks for this great blog!

Martini said...

I'll look for the Drama shows...

About Steve Howe Trio, I finish dowloading it today, and loved it... such new arrangements, and also songs from Natural Timbre, really a favourite of mine.
I'll post it here soon

Anonymous said...


Yesoteric is YES rare tracks collection. Over 30 hours, so many rare tracks are included. It started about 10 years ago, by YES collector Jeremy in USA. Free trading cassette tapes.

Anonymous said...

Hi again!

I have some tracks from Yesoteric archive, amazing rare tracks collection of Yes.
The qualities of some track are not good enough, as Yesoteric is tape to tape tradings.
Still I'm looking for complete tracks of Yesoteric. If you could find, please share!

You can download the sample tracks of Yesoteric from her:

tracklist: "Yesoteric" samples (compiled by me)
01. Elanor Rigby - 1969/08/20 Hamburg, Germany.
02. Dear Father - 1969/12/21 Sheffield, England, UK.
03. Elanor Rigby - 1969/12/21 Sheffield, England, UK.
04. Coke Advertisement - Circa 1969/1970
05. It's Love - 1971/07/23 New York, NY.
06. South Side of the Sky (Relayer Tour) - 1974/12/05 Tulsa, OK.
07. Colors of the Rainbow - 1977/10/07 Memphis, TN.
08. Wait 'Till the Midnight Hour - 1978/09/17 Memphis, TN.
09. Parallels (Drama Tour) - 1980/09/09 Boston, MA.
10. Man in a White Car (a capella) dedicated to John Lennon R.I.P. - 1980/12/09 England, UK.
11. Sweet Dreams (90125 Tour) - 1984/03/05 Champaign, IL.
12. Gimmie Some Lovin' - 1985/02/09 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
13. Quartet (ABWH Tour) - 1989/07/29 Memphis, TN.
14. Let's Pretend (ABWH Tour) - 1989/07/29 Memphis, TN.
15. Close to the Edge (Union Tour rehearsal) - 1991/06/26 Birmingham, UK.
16. Jon Anderson : Distant Thunder (Children of Light) - Rock Radio Network in Toronto, 1994.
17. Arriving UFO - drums solo (Tormato Tour) - 1979/06/19 Boston, MA.
18. Starship Trooper (with Adam Wakeman) - 1998/02/26 Manchester, UK.
19. Here Comes The Sun - dedicated to George Harrison. R.I.P.


Anonymous said...

Hey, could you upload this again? I got only "file not found":(...

Martini said...

Here all the links are working. Please try it again...

Anonymous said...

No artwork avaliable from this show?

Martini said...

I just discovered there is an artwork for this, on a printed bootleg called Madrigal Mistery Tour:

Anonymous said...

Hi, wondering if anon or anyone else for that matter can re-up part 1 of Yesoteric. the mediafile link is dead though part 2 still seems to function.


Anonymous said...

wow...anychance of a re-up of the Yesoteric links??? anybody out there who could link their download?? this looks pretty amazing, even if just bits & pieces...

peskypesky said...

links are dead. :(

I would be forever grateful if you would repost this!