1988 - Live in Houston

Houston, Texas, USA
February 19, 1988

This is one of the best bootlegs from Rabin era. The show must have been great, and the acoustics of the place too, because some songs were used in the box The Word is Love and the bootleg was pressed many times, under different names (
Live USA, Yesshows'88, etc). The one here is called Big Generator Show & Rare Tracks and has a cover I'm not putting here as it's horribly ugly.
The show was good, with good renditions of songs from 90125 and Big Generator, but also good playing on old songs, such as And You And I and Heart of the Sunrise. I think Rabin was much
better playing Howe songs here than in 90125 tour.
My personal favourites are Rabin solo, Solly's Beard, here simply called "Instrumental" and Yours is no Disgrace, with a good rock'n'roll energy from the whole band.

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Martini said...


Thanks to the blog http://incaroads-wvkayaker.blogspot.com that originally posted it, and to Eduardo, who recommended me this blog.

otrosonido said...

hola ...soy del Blog SDV...
tengo el post de Yes in Chile 1994...
es un video de la señal broadcast...buen estado...
si quieres usarlo en tu Blog, espero pongas el link o "reconozcas" mi autoría...suerte y saludos.

Anonymous said...

Link does not work. "File not found" error

Unknown said...

Martini - any chance of "Shoot High Aim Low" on this show? It looks like the band played this right before "Big Generator" during shows from that tour.

Not that I like that era much, mind you, but this and "Holy Lamb" are worth hanging onto IMHO.

Thanks! (and clicking ads as always).


Lawrence Peryer said...

I have a recording of the 1987 show in New Haven I would be glad to send you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Reupload por favor?

Pablaktus said...

thanks for the page.

Can you re upload the show, please?