Reuploaded: 1978 - Wembley Arena

10/28/1978 Wembley, UK
Wembley Arena (evening show)

This is probably the most bootlegged show in Yes history. There were multiple radio broadcasts, and portions of this show were released on various compilations. So check out before downloading, you're very likely to already have this bootleg.

It was really one of the best shows the band ever did. All of the band members has his moments in this great concert, and they sound incredibly tight, a group completely united together. This can be heard in Heart of the Sunrise and especially in the big medley they created for this tour, perhaps to commemorate their 10th anniversary, which begun on their second album, Time and a Word (with a great arrangement of the title song, featuring Steve and Rick making us glad that they replaced Tony and Peter), went for Fragile, came back to Yes, passed quickly by Tales, came to The Yes Album and finished with Relayer. I really love this arrangement, The Fish sounds terrific with the whole band playing, and they change it to Perpetual Change and then to Soon in exciting ways. This was the band's fifth concert in three days, but they're not even slightly tired!

After two songs from Tormato that I prefer live than on the original, and a powerful rendition of Starship Trooper, comes my favourite part of the concert.

These versions of Awaken and I've Seen All Good People are the best live ones I've ever listened. Awaken features a stunning work by Mr. Squire, his bass is very loud and much more present than on the original version. His backing vocals are also very good, his voice sounds more natural than on Going For The One. But I really lose myself listening to his slide bass lines accompanying Anderson. The rest of the band sounds very good too, Howe with burning guitar solos, and Wakeman with his grandious middle section

I've Seen All Good People is another killer. Alan White plays with a great energy, the whole band sound so together... and what makes me love this version better than any other is the last part, where Jon presents the band and each member plays a short 4-bars solo, all of them sounding amazing and very representative of the musicians' styles.
There's still Roundabout to give a perfect end to a perfect concert.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Siberian Khatru
Heart Of The Sunrise
Future Times/Rejoice (Yes played it but no tape with this survived)
Circus Of Heaven
Time And A Word/Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Survival/The Ancient/Perpetual Change/Soon
Don't Kill The Whale
Starship Trooper
Madrigal - On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
Rick Wakeman solo (Six Wives & Journey)
I've Seen All Good People

If you'll download just one Yes bootleg, this is the one to pick!

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Martini said...


Martini said...

Newelectricmuse said...
Yes, I always like the bit where Jon introduces the band "Mister Richard Wakeman..." I remember taping this off the radio at the time, but haven't heard it for years. It's a shame that Yesshows wasn't as good as this.

wedge said...
THANKS!!! i havend d/l this yet, but THANK YOU!!! i had a perfect cassette copy of this about 15 years ago, but somebody who didnt like my obsession with live Yesmusic decoded to pour a beer over the tapes to spite me for some reason...thanks for hooking me up with this!!!

Anonymous said...
thanks for all the fish guys

Anonymous said...
Hi, thanks so much for these links and sharing with the fans. Could you upload a new link for part 2 which seems to be dead. I have a copy of part of this show on vinyl and Madrigal was played before Silent wings - is this right for the Sat eve show? Also do you know anything about a recording for the Friday show? cheers

Martini said...
About the Friday show:
Yes did 5 concerts in Wembley that week, most were recorded by fans, but this is the only one that was broadcast, so it's incomparably better.

jomo said...
Hi, this was broadcast on the Friday Night Rockshow presented by Tommy Vance on bbc radio one. At the end of the show I walked on air for about two days ! Thank you so much for this quality recording. My old tape is long worn out. As for the new songs I´m blown away, thank you so much. I may just stick future times / rejoice from a Chicago concert a year later into the set and enjoy the whole show complete. thanksamillion.

Anonymous said...
thanks martini for this. My enquiry 'bout the Fri show was sentimental as it was the one I was at! cheers

wedge said...
supposedly, theres some bootlegs out there with audience recordings of "Future Times ~ Rejoice" . maybee someone could dig one of these up & post a link to get a complete version of this show??!!??

i was actually listening to your previous posting of this in my car a few days ago. the sound is AMAZING, but i still think the Richfield Coloseum sept 1978 is the best sounding Yes live show out there...its SO heavy & powerful, and still so clear sounding...

Anonymous said...
Thanks for posting all these great shows!

relayer said...
can someone post 'The Richfield Coloseum Sept 1978' recording? I've never heard this one and would like to especially given that this tour was one of the best Yes ever did.

relayer said...
hmm, turns out I have the Richfield show after all.

fleeman said...
Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting this. I remember this being broadcast on Tommy Vance's show and recording it - I played that cassette until it was practically worn out. What a great show - it must be one of the best live recordings of the band (including the official ones). Thanks again.

"The Forgotten Sons" said...

E ai blz, desculpe a demora para responder, valeu pelo elogio do blog, parabéns pelo seu ótimo trabalho por aqui também, muito bom seu blog, coloquei um link lá no "Forgotten", ok, se der seria legal um link por aqui também.



Anonymous said...

wondering if you have the soundboard recording of the show in Vancouver, B.C. May 5 1979?

Anonymous said...

Thaks a million times!
You were right!!!
This is fantastic delightful music!
The best I've heard...

(Marley - YeS fan since 1973)

Anonymous said...

The rapidshare link is down, the megaupload still works though (I'm talking about pt.1, I still haven't tried pt.2).

Anonymous said...

excelentes bootlegs !!!

Johnny said...

Cool! I was at this concert - it was great!
Thanks, Johnny