1984 - I'm Down (featuring Jimmy Page)

June 24, 1984
Dortmund, Germany

This show from 90125 tour had
Si, Solly's Beard and Soon recorded for 9012Live: the solos.
But what I bring you today is the unexpected encore: I'm Down (that Beatles' song they played in 1976 as well) with Jimmy Page (from Led Zeppelin) joining them to play guitar.
Jon is slightly out of tune in the beginning, but later, when the guitars of Trevor Rabin and Jimmy Page start duelling, we have one of the band's best moments from the 80s.

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Martini said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this boot had heard years ago on another website and I was fascinated that good is to find it. A great Beatles's Theme.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this is fantastic. There is a TV broadcast from this concert. Is it possible to upload this? I used to had it in the 80´s but lost it. That´s maybe a good Idea for an upload...

Thx a lot for this gem!

Professhah said...

Awesome!! What a nice surprise - I remember writing to you about this last year when I couldn't find it anywhere on the Web...Thank you so much for making this available!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was at this show and this was a real highlight. The whole show was recorded by ZDF the German tv company and unfortunately they only broadcast a 45 min version for tv But top notch quality dvd if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Thx. very much. Any chance to get the Pro Shot anywhere?