Reuploaded: 2002 - Acoustic at XM Radio


This is not a typical Yes show.
In 2002, soon after Rick's return to the band, Yes did this small concert broadcast by XM Radio. The result is a very different band, not the typical "Yes Acoustic" show you may expect hearing, as it was done before the officially released acoustic concert, so it's really worth the listen. Here Yes is not at all the ambitious and complex-sounding band we're used to, but just five talented musicians having fun.
They talk about many interest subject, such as why South Side of the Sky wasn't played for so long, and how was Alan's experience substituting Bill.
Walk Don't Run is hilarious, with Rick passing an uncomfortable moment as he doesn't know the chords... And the Awaken workshop is essential to anybody who likes this song, giving a unique perspective of how it was created.

Set list:
XM Radio Intro
Band's Introduction
South Side of the Sky/ And You And I
Interview I
The Ancient Excerpts
Walk Don't Run
Intervies II
I'Ve Seen All Good People
Interview III
Show Me
Interview IV
Awaken Composition I
Awaken Composition II

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Lily said...

Is this available somewhere ?
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yves said...

Happy New Year 2009 to you... Thansk for this Yes concert but can't see the link yet in comments...

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Martini said...


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yves said...

What an extraordinary moment, I can only talk about about this Yes show, and thanks so much for the link, cheers, I drink to that !

MusicBringer said...

Many thanks for the link.
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Ta very much said...

Hope you had a good one. Your efforts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Can Wakeman play or what?