1996 - Key to Chris' Birthday

San Luis Obispo, US
(second show of three)

In the three shows at San Luis Obispo, Yes declared every kind of audience recording was authorized.
This bootleg is from the second show. Eight songs from this show went to Keys to Ascension (the other five songs from Keys are from the other two shows).
It's interesting to listen to it for some reasons:
- Different performances of the instrumental jams on America and Starship Trooper. I'm crazy about what they did to Würm in these concerts.
- Long speeches by Jon before and after songs.
And the main reason: to notice the huge amount of overdubs that Keys to Ascension suffered. The vocal harmonies in Revealing Science of God, for example, are weak (normal for a song not played for 20 years, as there was little rehearsal for that show), but in Keys to Ascension the voices are perfect.
Going for the one (indeed a hard song to sing) Jon loses his breath and skips words, but guess what, they appear in the album.

So Keys to Ascension may be a great album, but it surely isn't an honest live one.

Set list:
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
Close To The Edge
I've Seen All Good People
Time And A Word
Happy Birthday To Squire
And You And I
The Revealing Science Of God
Going For The One
Turn Of The Century
Starship Trooper
Songs in boldface are the ones which were used for the two official live albums, Keys to Ascension 1 and 2.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent show, a great moment in the history of yes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this great post. I had no idea there were other recordings of these shows that sounded so good. And you're right about Keys. It's great to hear this concert as it was played without all the overdubs. That's why I prefer boots over any official release. It's like being at the show.

Anonymous said...

Links aren't working. Would someone kindly re-post?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this boot !
Now I'm looking for the first and the third SLO shows. Someone can maybe upload these concerts or give me a link ? Thanks.