Reuploaded: 2004 - Yes and Dream Theater

19 September 2004, Universal City, California, USA

During 2004, Yes did a small tour with Dream Theater, having around 20 concerts opened by this band. No, they didn't play together. But Dream Theater played a good cover of Machine Messiah, so I'm putting here also their show.

This one was the last night of the tour. An amazing night by both bands. It's an audience recording, but of high quality. The place's mix was really good. Except for some seconds cut on Awaken (the bootlegger didn't expect such a long song and he was short on tape...), the complete concert is here.
Yes had a really changing set-list at this tour... This particular show has the acoustic set, with new arrangements to Long Distance Runaround, Wonderous Stories, Roundabout and Owner of a Lonwely Heart. But my favourite performances here are Awaken and Starship Trooper, both featuring perfect musicianship.
Oh, and here you'll also listen to Jon performing Singin' in the Rain... it's kind of weird in his voice, but I bet you'll want to listen!

Disc one - Dream Theater
01 - Overture (1:37)
02 - About To Crash (5:14)
03 - Learn
ing To Live (10:17)
04 - Machine Messiah (3:19)
05 - Trial Of Tears (13:12)
6 - Stream Of Consciousness (10:35)
07 - The Spirit Carries On (6:56)
08 - Solitary Shell (5:39)

09 - About To Crash (reprise) (4:10)
10 - Losing Time – Grand Finale (6:12)

Disc two - Yes

01 - Firebird Suite (2:51)
02 - Going For The One (5:25)
03 - Sweet Dreams (7:27)
04 - I’ve Seen All Good People (8:11)
05 - America (10:35)
06 - South Side Of The Sky (11:56)
07 - Yours Is No Disgrace (13:21)

Disc three - Yes
01 - Clap - Singin' in the rain (5:33)
02 - Long Distance Runaround (acoustic) (5:16)

03 - Wonderous Stories (acoustic) (7:21)
04 - Roundabout (acoustic) (5:51)
05 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart (acoustic) (6:46)
06 - And You And I (13:29)
07 - Awaken (19:13)
08 - Starship Trooper (13:55)

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Part 1 (Dream Theater) :

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sérgio said...

altos shows dessa banda muito irada!
valeu mesmo!
25 August 2007 19:07

bongolong said...
Been a fan of Yes since the beginning (I'm 55 so was there) but never got a chance to see them live, until 2004 at Universal... and guess what? This just happens to be the only show I've seen, cool!!
...and the sound quality is quite good!
Thanks for the post and for the blog; some fun stuff here!
19 September 2007 22:36

Anonymous said...
Disc 2 and 3 are now DEAD LINK.
Please re-up again for us?
26 September 2007 08:54

Anonymous said...
great groups and best songs thanks
07 November 2007 18:19

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Hey!And the new links for today?!
Tanks a lot!
29 January 2009 19:31

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Hy! I want these archives, please!Thanks A lot!
29 January 2009 22:20


Excelente blog. Felicitaciones. A partir de ahora sere asiduo visitante.

Hansen said...

Aí eh juntar a fome c a vontade d comer! A banda de prog q + gosto junto c a banda q + gosto no momento! D+

peskypesky said...

thank you for all the great Yes music you have been sharing. you rule!

Anonymous said...

Nice one i hope links are still alive