Steve Howe - Mothballs

Before joining Yes, Steve Howe had actuated in several bands, creating a great reputation in the underground scene from the late 60s. This is a compilation that shows us his work in these bands, and also as a session player.
This is an important album for those who are interested in how Steve developed his style, and for lovers of the psychedelic music that was so common in the 60s. I must warn you that this compilation has many trivial pop songs that will not change your life. Don't expect a masterpiece!

1. Maybellene - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

2. True to Me - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

3. Howlin' for My Baby - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

4. What to Do - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

5. Leave My Kitten Alone - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

6. Don't Know What to Do - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

7. On the Horizon - Steve Howe, The Syndicats

8. Stop Wait a Minute - Steve Howe, In Crowd

9. You're on Your Own - Steve Howe, In Crowd

10. Why Must They Criticise - Steve Howe, In Crowd

11. I Don't Mind - Steve Howe, In Crowd

12. Finger Poppin' - Steve Howe, In Crowd

13. So Bad - Steve Howe

14. You Never Can Stay in One Place - Steve Howe

15. Real Life Permanent Dream - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

16. Am I Glad to See You - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

17. Blow Up - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

18. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

19. Revolution - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

20. My White Bicycle - Steve Howe, Tomorrow

21. Kid Was a Killer - Steve Howe, Keith West

22. Come Over Stranger - Steve Howe

23. Beyond Winter - Bodast, Steve Howe

24. Nothing to Cry For - Bodast, Steve Howe

25. Nether Street - Bodast, Steve Howe

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