1971 - Live at New Haven

24 July 1971 New Haven, CT Yale Bowl

This is the register of an outstanding show by Yes, the last one from their first American tour. Keyboardist was Tony Kaye (actually he would leave the band some weeks after), and the set list has just four songs, all from The Yes Album:

1-Yours Is No Disgrace

2-Clap/ Classical Gas

3-I've Seen All Good People

4-Perpetual Change

They played so few songs because this was a double concert, they followed Museo Rosenbach. But what a great selection. The whole band plays perfectly, and highlights are many. Lots of Yes fans adore this bootleg, see a quotation from the site http://members.cox.net/teakbois/

This might be the greatest performance ever by Yes. This show got a lot of critical acclaim, which did wonders for the band. There are many different recordings of this one circulating. I consider this to be the holy grail of Yes concert recordings. Legend has it that a guy just plugged into the soundboard and no one complained. You got to just love the intensity during “Yours Is No Disgrace” and “Perpetual Change”. This is Yes at their absolute best!

Recommended for anyone who likes The Yes Album. Actually, anyone who likes Yes

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Anonymous said...


thanx but i think the yessongs recordings are still the best, but it s welcome variation to her the instruments separated...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this bootleg, it's very interesting hearing the band of The Yes Album, and it sounds very good

Anonymous said...

Thank You!! Great Blog - keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I left the message yesterday at 02:13. I am just finished listening to this show. Its an A+.

Now I am on a mission to get more recordings from the earlier years of the band. I have been building my collection from the mid-late 70's and 2000-current (which ROCK, btw - the band sounds awesome these days, imho!!).

This download is exceptional all around: sound and performance.

THANK YOU from North Carolina USA (where a few songs off "yessongs" were recorded!!)

Martini said...

Indeed, anonymous, this bootleg is very good. I've got another one from 6 months before this, but it's not so good, both in sound quality and performances. Someday I might post it, anyway...
Thanks for the commentaries and hope you enjoy this great show!

BigApe said...

Excellent blog - I'm slowly working my way through the gems here

Unfortuinately, this link seems to be a victim of the RS deleters, any chance of a repost? (pretty please)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Fantastic collection of live Yes material. New link to this file posted above looks like it's dead too.
Was able to find this on another blog but only @96 k bit rate.
Ah well - still sounds like a great performance!

Martini said...

New link: