1977 - Northern Flight (Gothenburg)

1977-11-12 Gothenburg, Sweden PRRP017

(For those who don't know, PPRP means Progressive Rock Remaster Project, and is a project with some dozens of bootlegs of concerts by the 70s best known prog bands, like ELP and Genesis, most of the times remastered and with good sound quality. And nice artwork! Their bootlegs are free for sharing but should not be sold!)

Exactly 30 years ago, Yes was doing this show, in the end of their Going for the one tour. In this tour, they had a lot of fun. Rick was so happy to rejoin Yes, the band was also happy to have him back (they got rather tired of Moraz...), and they were enjoying doing shows.
You can feel this good vibrations here. They were satisfied with their new album, so they played it all. The title track and Parallels, especially, work wonderfully on stage, even better than on studio, in my opinion. Awaken was good, but would get better in their following tour (of Tormato).
Their last number was either Starship Trooper or Yours Is No Disgrace (here it's the latter), and they were much extended, achieving
14+ minutes. Expect something in the style of Yessongs' version, but at the same time in a different way. Howe's solos seem endless (which can be regarded as good or bad...)
1-1. Firebird Suite 1:54
1-2. Parallels 5:53
1-3. I've Seen All Good People 7:11
1-4. Close To The Edge 19:15
Wonderous Stories 4:16
1-6. The
Colours Of The Rainbow 1:18
1-7. Turn Of The Century 7:59
1-8. And You And I 10:10

2-1. Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto 1:32
2. Going for the One 5:33
'Flight' Jam 4:29
Awaken 15:35
Roundabout 8:46
Yours Is No Disgrace 14:00

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Martini said...

Part 1:
Part 2:

Rachmaninoff Concerto is missing, I'm looking for it.

Anonymous said...

hi martini,
Have you found the Rach Concerto already? Can´t wait to grab the entire concert!
Keep on the excellent work and cheers from Portugal,

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting Rach too...
Regards from Spain. Thanks for the music guy.

Anonymous said...


Martini said...

Rachmaninoff Concerto

Don't get too excited about it, it's not even two minutes long.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great shows, friends. I can't believe how many great Yes shows I have found here and a few other places in the last few months. Its amazing to be able to hear the band over again in concert, and study and enjoy the music, over the course of its distinguished history. This music will be appreciated long after we're all gone. Thank you again and please keep posting!

North Carolina USA

Anonymous said...

Thenks, Martini for everything...even if it's a small piece for us rather obsessive blokes it is important to have the comnplete thing.

Camarillo Brillo said...

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

so many great yes recordings excellent !

kempy said...

This great stuff - Thanks to all, from London.

Anonymous said...

Regards from Buenos Aires and thanks a lot!

Nemo said...

Hi !
It seems
Rachmaninoff Concerto
doesn't work.
If you still have it...
Thanks so much.
ps: and please can you reupload the UK live Out of the Blue ?
Thanks so much.

Martini said...

Rachmaninoff's Concerto:

(don't expect a stunning tune, it's a four-bar piano coda)

moodyxadi said...

mzny thanx fom a lonely brazilian fan of Yes!