1970 - Every Little Thing

April 3, 1970. Cologne, Germany

This is one of the last shows with Peter Banks. The sound quality is better than the 1969 show in Belgium I posted here before. But not so good. The voice doesn't sound very clear, but guitars and keys are very good.
The show's repertoire is all from Yes and Time and a Word. Only 5 songs, as it was a big festival with Deep Purple, Soft Machine and others.
An exciting performance, you can see the band is having lots of fun. Bill's playing is awesome. Due to time restrictions, they couldn't jam too much, and that brought good and down-to-earth performances of No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed and Everydays.

Set list:
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
Every Little Thing
Astral Traveller

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Martini said...


Anonymous said...

great stuff cant get enough of that early yes...by any chance have you got that great long version of america and the clap they did as bbc sessions?

Martini said...

Yes, I have it. I'm posting it soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi great, I was there at Köln April 1970!!! [Also The Soft Machine were great at this festival]. So fantastic I can hear it now, unbelievable. Do you have Yes at Plumpton Festival 1970 ???

Great great great, so many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Martini, thanks for this great recording. This sounds really good, actually. (Almost as good the BBC recordings from that time.)

Early Yes with Banks were such groovy outfit.

Martini said...