2007 - Rick Wakeman Live in Toronto

Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble
2007-08-19, Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada

Rick's plan for this year's second semester was doing small tours with orchestra, playing The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Kinghts of the Round Table and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. For reasons unknown, it didn't work, so he did only a couple of normal shows with his English Rock Ensemble.
But the most interesting about this recent show are exactly the long parts of these two records that were played. Without the orchest
ra, he still played most of the albums, in arrangements for his rock group. And these new arrangements really rock!
The singer is Ashley Holt, whose voice is far away from what it was in the 70s. But the rest of the band is very good, and Rick does what only he knows to do, with dozens of keyboards (including playing backwards, as you see below!)

Disc 1:

Journey-Recollection-The Battle
The Forest

The Spaceman
Catherine Parr
The Visit

Disc 2:
Jane Seymour
Sea Horses
Wendy House
King Arthur
The Last Battle
Lancelot and the Black Knight
Merlin the Magician
Crowd Noise
Starship Trooper

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Martini said...


Martini said...

The names of the two first songs are actually these:
1. Journey-Recollection-The Battle
2. The Forest
(They played practically the whole album, excluding only the narrations and some short sections of choir and orchestra)

Heather @ Raw & Real Retail said...

Fantastic post, Wakeman is ever the legend (although he somewhat rejects that word) and wizard of the keys.

Thanks for this, and also for kindly linking my site, Wonderous Stories @ http://flowerjewel77.blogspot.com.

Good luck and keep up the great posts on your site, Martini!

Anonymous said...

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