1998 - Unplugged in Paris and in Philadelphia

In March 7, 1998, one day after playing at the Palais Des Congrès De Paris, Yes did a signing event in Fnac by the afternoon, including questions and answers, and also playing music, actually more than they expected to play.
A detailed description of this event can be seen here, on forgottenyesterdays, in the story told by Yann Clochec. The funniest moment was when someone told them to play Turn of the Century, then Jon said that it was "
not a spinning wheel where you can quote any song and we'll play it, especially 'Turn of the century' which needs just a little bit of rehearsal, you know, it's a tricky cookie". Steve Howe ignored him and started playing the song, but Jon didn't remember more than two verses... So they asked for more suggestions. Awaken was their next try, but Igor Koroshev hadn't learnt the song properly...
Another curious moment is when Alain le Blanc (Alan White) tries to speak french but doesn't understand the most simple question (Comment allez-vous célébrer votre trentième anniversaire? - How will you celebrate your 30th anniversary?)

The second half of this bootleg is from a show in the Tower Theater, Pennsylvania. It's just the part of it that could be called acoustic or almost.
Sound quality is excellent.

Set list
01 Band Introduction
02 Yes Jam
03 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
04 Children Of Light
05 Turn Of The Century & Awaken
06 Alan White Discussing With The Fans
07 Open Your Eyes
08 Jon Anderson Discussing With The Fans
09 I've Seen All Good People
10 Corkscrew
11 Masquerade
12 Clap
13 Leaves Of Green
14 Children Of Light
15 Soon
16 Happy Birthday Jon Anderson

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Alternative Link (without track 1)

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I love this acoustic mini set!! Thanks a lot for shareing it!

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Hi, i am Yes fan, the best group in the world and i enjoy it a lot. Very thanks to all and good luck.

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Brilhante como sempre o seu trabalho de divulgação do Yes, Simply The Best!
abraços do Mago...

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I'll be away for some days, travelling. Good week to everyone...

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Thx Great Deal

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more from the tour most agree was the best (though personally i prefer the 74-76 period)

Yes 10/16/78 In The Round LA Forum Los Angeles @ 320

Siberian Khatru

Heart of the Sunrise

Circus of Heaven

Don't Kill The Whale

The Clap
Starship Trooper

On The Silent Wings of Freedom

On The Silent Wings of Freedom - 2

I've Seen All Good People / Your Move




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Love your site!

Unfortunately all the links are deleted. Can someone please reup?


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By chance, do you (or anyone else) also have "Dream Theater - Uncovered" which features Steve Howe?

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I have only the Steve Howe part, "Yes Medley":

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Found it:

Dream Theater - Uncovered


Disk 1
1 Medley: Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (Elton John Cover)
2 Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple Cover)
3 Red Hill Mining Town (U2 Cover)
4 Medley: The Rover/Achilles Last Stand/The Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin Cover)
5 Tears (Rush Cover)
6 Damage, Inc. (With Barney Greenway on Vocals) (Metallica Cover)
7 Happiness is a Warm Gun (With S. Hogarth on Vocals) (The Beatles Cover)
8 Easter (With S. Hogarth on Vocals & S. Rothery on Guitar) (Marillion Cover)
9 Winter (Tori Amos Cover)
10 In the Dead of the Night (UK Cover)

Disk 2
1 Yes Medley: Machine Messiah/Heart of the Sunrise/Close to the Edge/Siberian Khatru/Starship Trooper (With S. Howe on Guitar) (Yes Cover)
2 The Big Medley: In the Flesh?/Carry on Wayward Son/Bohemian Rhapsody/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin/Cruise Control/Turn it on Again
3 Space-Dye Vest (Kevin Moore Demo)
4 Carry That Weight (The Beatles Cover)
5 O Holy Night
6 Past (Into the Sun) (Majesty Demo)
7 Mission Impossible (John Petrucci Demo 1994)
8 To Live Forever (Acoustic Demo 1993)
9 Indulge in Reverie (John Petrucci Solo)
10 A Late Summer's Rain/Schizophrenia (John Petrucci Solo)

Enjoy :)



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