REUPLOADED: 1977 - Best of Wembley

October (from 24 to 29), 1977
During their tour for Going for the One, Yes had a week-long stand in Wembley Arena, UK. Mick Dillingham and Steve Darton recorded all of the shows in their cassete tapes. Later, TheTooleMan (a great Yesfan who mastered countless bootlegs) had access to these tapes, made some noise reductions, and chose the best songs from each day, to give us the best. The result is an astonishing bootleg, with powerful performances of the band, in their homeland. Audio quality is good, and you can hear the crowd only between the songs.
Close to the Edge is slightly different: Steve Howe changed very much the introduction, giving us a rougher and rocking guitar playing. Rick also changed his awesome organ solo near the end, with results not so good. And the church organ's sound is not the best (neither it is in Parallels)
Turn of the Century is very beautiful here, the song's tender feel is recreated very well on stage.
Awaken features, again, astonishing work from Chris Squire. It looks like he gets better when playing this song in Wembley. I'll quote Simon Barrow's opinion in Forgottenyesterdays: "What really turned me inside out was ‘Awaken’. To some it’s an overblown cycle of fifths, I know. But to me, that evening, it was simply transcendent. The organ solo building to a tremendous delayed climax, then tapering off into the haunting vocal refrain and Howe’s brief, whimsical acoustic coda: it all left me drained and elated."
But the encore is the best. At this tour, the band started to play a very long version of Starship Trooper, which can be listened here at its best. The long jam of minimoog and guitar (changing frantically from one to the other) is so exciting, with Chris and Alan doing a steady accompaniment for Steve and Rick's long musical extravagance. Here, it is an extravagance of perfection.

CD1 Tracks:
Firebird Suite (10/29)
Parallels (10/29)
All Good People (10/26)
Close to the Edge (10/28)
Wonderous Stories (10/29)
Colours of the Rainbow (10/28)
Turn of the Century (10/27)
Tour Song (10/29)
And You And I (10/28)

CD2 Tracks:
Intro Comments (10/26)
Going for the One (10/26)
Flight Jam (10/27)
Awaken (10/27)
Starship Trooper (10/24)
Roundabout (10/24)

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Hey Martini,

Wondered if you might be interested in linking my blog, called Wonderous Stories...it may be found at:

It features Progressive Rock, New Age, Electronic, and other stuff that I happen to feel worthy of posting there.

Its name is obviously taken from the Yes song of the same title. Just thought I would pass that information along to both you and your readers here.

Thanks for your time and attention!

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Anonymous said...
YES!! MY LUCKY MORNING TODAY WITH THIS POST. I have never heard of this show! Thank you so much.
14 November 2007 09:38

Anonymous said...
mick dillingham here....nice to see this up...memories of a great bunch of shows..yes at their alltime live best i feel.....great blog by the way
14 November 2007 19:08

WVKayaker said...
Wow...Wow...Wow! I got this link from a comment over at guitars 101..All I can say is this post is awesome. i will dig even deeper for what I am sure will be more great shows. BTW, Yes from the Big Generator tour, that I posted on my blog is the number 1, by far downloaded post. Thanks and stop by some time!!
Camarillo Brillo

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Thank U Thank U Thank U!

btw - any chance of seeing the Vancouver '76 show re-posted? that would be awesome!


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good selection & good quality, but are there any FM Broadcast or Soundboards out there from this tour? it sounds like they were at their best as a band, but there havent been any non-audience sources from this tour ive ever found... anybody out there know where some may be?? THANKS!!!

Martini said...

There's no soundboard...
The only show from 77 known as soundboard is the one in Glasgow, but it's not true, actually it was the "soundboard" directly taken from a bootleg video (the only long video from this tour, audio is not good but the image is quite decent)

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Thanks so much

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Amazing, thank you a lot for all those amazing music files.

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are any of these files still accessable?


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Hey Yes Fans. How can I download or buy this set? I love Yes.