REUPLOAD: 1976 - Vancouver

By 1976, Yes had Patrick Moraz, a keyboardist loved by many, and hated by perhaps even more. The band was at the peak of their success, making enormous shows, often on stadiums.
This one is from July 22, and features two epicss with astounding musicianship from the whole band: Ritual and The Gates of Delirium. Sound Chaser is another special moment. In spite of the song's complexity, it worked sso well live!
Very interesting as well are the solo sections, with a good mellotronesque solo by Moraz, Steve playing Clap and his arrangement of Vivaldi's Winter (which would be recorded much later on his solo album Natural Timbre) and Jon doing an harp solo, joined by Steve's steel guitar.
Audio quality is good (not excellent), but worse in some moments. Alas, the tape probably ran out before the end of the show, and Roundabout is cut.

Siberian Khatru
Sound Chaser
I've Seen All Good People
The Gates Of Delirium
Long Distance Runaround
Moraz solo
Steve Howe solo
Jon solo
Heart Of The Sunrise
Roundabout (end cut)

Recommended for:
Those who like Relayer and Patrick Moraz.

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Martini said...


Anonymous said...

once again...Thank U Thank U Thank U !!!!
after trolling the net for Yes boots for so long (accidently) finding your site is a god send!

very interested in the 74-76 period should you have anymore from that era (besides the radio broadcast Boston 74) i'd be very grateful.

thanks again!
from Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog Master,

Do you have the live performance recording source
of YES "Paris 1998-03-07" ?
If you have, would you like to share it?

Thank you.

Martini said...

Yes I have the bootleg from Paris, it's very amusing... such an unusual gigi for Yes. Were you there, Olias?

Searching the blog you'll find:
Long Beach 1975 (a nice boot) and
Roosevelt Stadium 1976 (a radio broadcast and a great performance, featuring The Beatles' "I'm Down" and more... This is the most famous Moraz boot for sure)

Anonymous said...

Martini - thank you for re:posting
Best of Wembley 77 and Vancouver 76.
enjoy both very much!

returning the favour...

re: request for Paris 1998-03-07 "Acoustic"


track list:

01 Band Introduction

02 Yes Jam

03 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
04 Children Of Light

05 Turn Of The Century & Awaken

06 Alan White Discussing With The Fans

07 Open Your Eyes

08 Jon Anderson Discussing With The Fans

09 I've Seen All Good People

10 Corkscrew & Masquerade

11 Masquerade

12 The Clap

13 Leaves Of Green

14 Children Of Light

15 Soon

16 Happy Birthday Jon Anderson


Anonymous said...

HERE's a contribution.

Live at the Sandia Casino Amphitheater is a show from Yes' 35th Anniverary Tour.

The Sandia Casino, Resort and Aphitheater are just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the preamble to "America" Jon comments on the beautiful vistas.

This is the highest quality bootleg possible. Sadly not the entire concert, but nicely transitioned to fit on a single CD.

My favorite part of the concert was Jon Anderson's explanation of the origans of "Long Distance Runaround."

The croud had began to light up en mass, and Jon revelaed that he had originally penned "Long Distance Runaround" as reggae tune about a day long search for this dude with some killer while he was in jamaca in the early 70s.

He even sang a sample: "Long ditance runaround, longtime, trying to get me some Ganja."

Here are the links. Again let me stress that this is a professional quality recording for all the Yesheads everywhere.


Part 1 Link: http://lix.in/90cf95d1
1) Firebird Suite Intro
2) Firebird Suite > Going for the One
3) Sweet dreams
4) I've Seen All Good Peaple/Your Move
5) America

Part 2 Link: http://lix.in/14238bb6
6) Southside of the Sky
7) And You And I
8) Awaken

Anonymous said...

Thank you blog master.
Yes, then I was in Paris, and I went to the show. It was so amazing performance, I've never seen before.

Anonymous said...

hey anon

Thanks for the Sandia Casino recording. great sound for a boot! worth it for "South Side" alone. cheers.

anon - paris 98 post

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the Albuquerue set. I was at this show, a small & intimate outdoor venue. I got the tickets the week before at the ZZ Top concert where they announced that the Yes tickets were buy one get one free. Unbelievable the show was undersold. And You & I, and Awaken are just amazing. Too bad its not a complete show, Turn of the Century was unbelievble.
Thanks again!