Rare old video - Time and a word!

It seems a new DVD will be released with rare footage from very early Yes, some of it never seen before.

The first video on Youtube is surprising for the good quality of image. They're doing playback but you see they're enjoying!
Two other surprises:
-I didn't think Chris Squire had ever been so skinny!
-Has Bill ever done backing vocals or was he just having fun knowing it was playback?


Anonymous said...

True about the skinny Squire comment!

That's some really lousy miming & lip-syncing! Hilarious!

What the heck is that thing over Jon's crotch? I don't think i really want to know!

(Hope this video actually has real live performances like the ones on Beat Club, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think those are drum sticks Bruford is using either, I think those are the ones used on a timpani (remembering from junior high school music class). Great video, they're just a few years older then me but I remember the hair, bell bottoms and those shirts that now look like woman's shirts.

Anonymous said...

What a gem of a clip. Thank you.

Interesting to see Chris playing a (now very rare) Fender Telecaster bass, as opposed to his signature Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo.

Bill is using felt-tip mallets. Their softer impact probably prevented drowning out the playback and potentially confusing the others.

As for Jon's low slung Maltese Cross iron sporran, well....why not?