1977 - Paris (Last show from tour)

Paris, France, December 6, 1977

The last concert promoting Going for the one, this is also one of the better audience tapes of that great tour that had no soundboard record. Synthesizer patches and guitar effects are awesomely clear, while the bass makes your head tremble. Listen to And You And I, for example, Rick's moog has rarely sounded so full in  a live record.

Disc One:
01. Opening
02. Parallels
03. I've Seen Good People
04. Close to the Edge
05. Wonderous Stories
06. Colors of the Rainbow
07 Turn of the Century
08. The Tour Song
09. And You And I
10. Cosmic Mind (Jam)

Disc Two:
01. Prelude Awaken
02. Awaken
03. Roundabout
04. Nous Sommes du Soliel
05. Starship Trooper

December 5, 1977:
06. Nous Sommes du Soliel
07. Yours is no Disgrace
08. Roundabout

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Martini said...

Links (4 parts, 320kbps):


Once more, thanks to leonardinsky.blogspot.com

Hansen said...

My favorite progressive rock band!!! Great!!! The best age!

maryes said...

hello nmy prog friend !!!
where are "Awaken" & "your is no Disgrace" tracks? if possible repost these tracks please! one embrace and GOD bless you !!!