1997 - Revealing Science of San Diego

December 9th, 1997 - Open Your Eyes Tour
San Diego, CA, USA

This is a stereo soundboard recording taken from a radio braodcast. About half of the show was broadcast, I don't have an idea about why they chose these songs, but it's a reasonably representative set (though I'd like to hear America, Fish, Starship Trooper etc).

It's almost a commonplace among Yes fans that Steve Howe plays Rabin-era songs like he doesn't care, but I disagree. Rhythm of love and Owner of a Lonely Heart aren't the best songs ever, but Steve is doing his best and both songs are pretty listenable. More than Open Your Eyes (the song), I should say.

Revealing Science of God and Heart of the Sunrise are the only long ones here, both faultless.

From the Balcony is another highlight, a nice simple tune. Though the crowd used this song to find the bathrooms, as one reviewer from Forgotten Yesterdays said.

1.Rhythm Of Love
2.Open Your Eyes
3.Heart Of The Sunrise
4.From The Balcony
5.Children Of Light
6.Long Distance Runaround
7.Owner Of A Lonely Heart
8.Revealing Science Of God
9.I've Seen All Good People

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Nice nineties version of Revealing Science of God, Thanks!

Andrew Sherman said...

Worth it for Revealing Science Of God, thanks!

Claudião said...

Thanks for disc, but do you have in Lossless?