1972 - Suite Distance

August 13, 1972 - Columbia, Maryland, USA

One of the best known bootlegs from Close to the Edge tour. In this show, they didn't play Close to the Edge yet, the song was so complex and they lasted a while to have courage to take it to the stages. But And You And I and Siberian Khatru are there, in fresh versions.
Yours Is No Disgrace is very extended, similar to the one on Yessongs, and with some vocals by Jon in the introduction.
And hearing Jon say things like "Uh.. that was a song from the new album we, we finished about a few weeks ago. It will be out in about 3 weeks. It's called 'Siberian Khatru'" is wonderful.
Worth checking.
Sound quality is A-

Setlist :
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I've Seen All Good People
Mood For A Day
Heart Of The Sunrise
And You And I
Wakeman Solo
Yours Is No Disgrace

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Martini said...



Anonymous said...

beautiful upload!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

yes/jon anderson fan originally from maryland says this is amazing! thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this. but track 01 (firebird) is not included.

Martini said...

Indeed, I couldn't get Firebird Suite.
But it's not a great loss, it's equal to any other one.

peskypesky said...

once again, thank you sharing all the beautiful music.

Anonymous said...

Could you upload it again. would really like to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Links are not working. I'd love to listen to this, because I think Bill Brufford left Yes too soon, just when they've found the perfect formation, it dissolved with Brufford leaving the band after 2 albums. I like to listen to as much material from that era as possible