1973 - Cans and Brahms

1973-03-21 - Live in Adelaide, Australia

This one is from the end of Close to the Edge tour.

While its not a complete show (some songs are missing and there is no crowd noise between songs) and the sound quality is about a B+, it has a few features which fans will find very interesting:
- During Siberian Khatru Steve Howe's pedal steel doesn't work so we get to hear his steel solo on regular guitar
- Also during Siberian Khatru Rick's mellotron sound for strings is not used during one section and we get to hear the choir sound instead; and later on he uses the organ instead of the mellotron until finally, I guess, it gets fixed during the end section.
- The band loses the PA during I've Seen All Good People except for the bass which continues on like nothing ever happened; the PA comes back on and the the band picks up awkwardly and starts the song over.
- Rick's solo spot pretty much mirrors the Yessongs version, but he adds Cans And Brahms in the middle

Set list:
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I've Seen All Good People
Heart Of The Sunrise
And You And I
Close To The Edge
Wakeman Solo/Cans And Brahms
Starship Trooper

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Martini said...


The actual song order is:
1 Firebird Suite
2 Siberian Khatru
3 I've Seen All Good People
4 Heart Of The Sunrise
5 And You And I
6 Close To The Edge
7 Wakeman Solo/Cans And Brahms
8 Roundabout
9 Starship Trooper

I'm currently uploading Close to the Edge, which was harder to get.

Martini said...

Close to the Edge (just the first 5 minutes... unfortunately there is no better version recorded)

Anonymous said...

Bruford with Yes in 1973? Never mind. It's a bootleg. Still awesome!

Unknown said...

Thanks my friend!

Muchas gracias!

Thore Gothenburg Sweden said...

Thank You so much! This site is like candy for an old swedish Yes fan!! Thanks again!