2006 - Jon and Rick

Saturday 14 October 2006

Jon Anderson has been doing many solo shows in these last years, always with a very simple approach, simple one-man show with simple instrumentation. A show of 2004 can be seen here. Then, in 2006, he noticed that Rick was also fond of this approach lately (after touring with orchestras and big bands, he seems to have got somewhat tired of that), and they decided to do a short tour in England. The result was a unique show, more interesting than Jon's solo ones (in my opinion), as it combines Jon's beautiful - and, here, not laid back at all - voice, his most simple acoustic guitar, and Rick's well known style accompanying, here using only a grand piano.
I really miss the guitars, basss and drums on most songs, but if you regard them as new and surprising arrangements, it's a very interesting concert.
Simpler songs, such as Your Move and Roundabout, became better than some more complex, like Ritual. Rick's solo section is so good, I'm sure their fans will love it. Oh, and of course his talent as a raconteur and joker are as entertaining as his piano playing!
Leap of Faith (Part 1)
Yours Is No Disgrace
Leap of Faith (Part 2)
Wonderous Stories
Anyway and Always
All Good People
South Side of the Sky
Time and a Word
The Garden
Piano Medley: -Set Sail - Close to the Edge - Who could Imagine? - Mary Me Again - The Revealing Science of God
Give Love Each Day
Nous Sommes Du Soleil
Nursery Rhyme Concerto
Catherine Howard
Eleanor Rigby
And You And I
Turn of the Century
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Sweet Dreams
Deeper Love
The Meeting

An excerpt of Turn of the Century:

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Martini said...


Merlinus said...

Absurdamente bom!!!

Anonymous said...

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Simon S said...

This show was at Buxton Opera House on Saturday 14 October 2006. We saw Jon and Rick on this tour three days earlier and it was a fantastic evening. They are a great combination - hoping to see them touring with or without Yes again soon!

Martini said...

Thanks a lot for the information!

Eduardo said...

Grande show, tive a oportunidade de uns 3 anos atras assistir o Jon num show solo aqui no RJ, mas esse com o acompanhamento de Rick Wakeman ficou magistral


Anonymous said...

This was a pretty good tour. I'm going by what I've heard of the Sheffield concert played three weeks later, but the set list is about the same.

A fair amount of new and unreleased material is in here, as well as some interesting reworkings of Yes material, although some it is hit or miss too... The ones you want to hear are Yours Is No Disgrace, South Side of the Sky, and the truncated And You and I. I did not think that Awaken worked well in this format. Jon's piano medley is always welcome, as is most of Rick's solo stuff. Anyhow, it's a good performance from two veteran musicians revisiting their back catalogs in different style.

Anonymous said...

Muito obrigado!!! Thanks again.

ilvan said...

Thank you, brother!
Keep doing this fantastic job!

ilvan said...

Thank you, brother!
Keep doing this fantastic job!

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Remarkably cool

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thanks from a big yes fan

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Great, great blog. Thank you so much. You're a treasure trove for YES fans!

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