2007 - Steve Howe Trio

19 May, 2007 Morecambe, The Platform, UK
In 2007, momentarily free from Yes, Steve Howe decided to tour with a jazz-blues-rock-country (summing up, all the music he likes) trio, formed by:
Steve Howe - Guitars
Dylan Howe - Drums
Ross Stanley - Hammond Organ

They reworked some Yes classics, and songs from Steve's solo career, with little respect to the original arrangements. The result is a very original concert, with a jazzy feel recreating completely some well-known songs, some less commented pieces, and a couple of jazz/blues standards from a guitarrist he admires, Kenny Burrell.
Mood For A Day has to be heard to be believed, it was transformed in an exciting 8 minutes long jazz number, with a steady 9/8 meter.
As usual, there's an acoustic session, with less original but perfectly played versions of Cactus Boogie(from Steve Howe Album), Sketches in the Sun (from GTR) and Intersection Blues (from Natural Timbre.)
I must admit some songs get too long and rather loose, like Momenta, originally a 3 minutes long in Quantum Guitar, here it almost achieves 11 minutes, without having so much to say. But except this one, most extended jams are very well delivered.
If you want to hear Steve improvisating, here's a holy grail for you.

Some videos of the trio can be seen at Dylan Howe's Youtube page:

Here is the group's myspace page:
where they say they're going to record a studio album in October (sady they seem to have postponed it...) and say their influences are:
Kenny Burrell
Wes Montgomery
Tal Farlow
Elvin Jones
Philly-Jo Jones
Roy Haynes
Jimmy Smith
Larry Young
Larry Goldings

Dream River,
Chitlins Con Carne
Mood for a Day
Blue Bash!
Close to the Edge

Medley – Freight Trane/Whispering/Trambone
Cactus Boogie
Sketches in the Sun
Intersection Blues
Kenny's Sound
The Haunted Melody
Sweet Thunder
Siberian Khatru

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Martini said...

Part 1
Part 2

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very nice informal performance!

"Sketches in the Sun" is one of my favorite Steve solo pieces.

Siberian Khatru done as a smoky late-night organ trio jam session--Groovy, Man!

The link below has a review of the 17 May 2007 show, with a very similar setlist:


Anonymous said...

That's a really fun concert. I'd suggest putting up things like an ABWH concert or possibly somethin from the recent Ancerson/Wakeman tour in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I went to this show, at Morecambe! Thanks for this!

Freeman said...

Thank you for sharing.

How many days this show have ?
I've got reference image that say this show was on 19 May 2007.


Martini said...

It was the May 19th indeed.

By the way I've finally had access to a S.H. Trio show from 2008, promoting their album. Gonna put it here soon.

Unknown said...

The jazz DJ Len Pace at the public radio station here in Miami (WLRN.org) says he'd love to receive a promotional copy of the disc.

His show is an excellent showcase for jazz and jazz musicianship of this caliber. Just wanted to pass that on.

Great music on The Haunted Melody. Thanks!

Best wishes.